Fashion-Glam in the Studio

Fashion-Glam in the Studio with LuLu, Erin and Mercer_

What a fantastic late night we had in the studio. The idea behind this shoot was to create stunning glamour with a touch of high fashion thrown in = Fashion-Glam.

Models Erin and Lulu did an amazing job and I think pulled off the poses with ease. Not only did she jump in front of my camera but as always the talented Erin from Erin Strong Hair Artistry preformed her magic. Lulu an emerging model was an absolute pleasure to work with and both Erin and Lulu worked together as though they were one.

Now let me introduce Mercer_

This was my first experience working with Mercer_ and I must say this woman knows what she is doing! knew the concept for the shoot and delivered it with flair. Mercer_ supplied the clothing, styling and makeup for the shoot.  Here is a little more about Mercer_ and what they do.

Mercer_ is a Makeup and Styling company based on the Gold Coast of Australia.
With its diverse and eclectic bunch of team members, Mercer_ offers it’s clients a unique blend of creative, artistic direction and fashion editing.
It’s the exceptional eye for detail that sets Mercer_ apart from the competition and with over 15 years experience in the beauty and fashion industries, Mercer_ provides a professional and customised approach to:
• The flawless application of runway, high fashion and editorial makeup. Specialising in flash photography makeup application and studio lighting makeup application.
• The flawless application of makeup for weddings, formals or any special occasion.
• Editorial styling, direction and fashion editing
• Editorial, runway and high fashion hair styling.
• Personal styling and image consulting for individuals, small or large business and publications.
With a vast social and professional network of local and international photographers, hairstylist, designers, artists, media and film producers, Mercer_ really is your one-stop shop.
You can contact Mercer_ by phone:0407896875    .    .     facebook (see link above)    and    Instagram: @mercer_makeupandstyling

All that is left to do is show you the images 🙂
01 Studio Glamour Photography 02 Studio Glamour Photography 03 Studio Glamour Photography 04 Studio Glamour Photography

I asked Erin about her stunning hairstyling – “I created a spiral curl with straightened ends to give volume, contrast and consistency much like a mane of a lion showing Lu Lu in her raw state, her bare naked chest with her hair laying over her body – the wild animal within. For myself being photographed against Lu Lu I felt I needed to create the opposite image of a woman with sleek tied-up hair that in female culture is seen to reflect and denote the sexually repressed or uptight”

06 Studio Glamour Photography12-Studio-Glamour-Photography07 Studio Glamour Photography08-Studio-Glamour-Photography09-Studio-Glamour-Photography10-Studio-Glamour-Photography11-Studio-Glamour-Photography


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