Forest Collection – Warrior Twins

She will rise. With a spine of steel and a roar like thunder, she will rise

                                                                                                                                                                                           ~ Nicole Lyons ~

{Forest Collection – Warrior twins}

The Team:
Photographer: Katrina Cram
Hair styling: Erin Kulken from Erin Strong hair artistry.
Makeup: Amanda Larsen from Amanda Larsen Makeup artistry
Videographer: Lachlan Linton-Kean
Costumes: Allure Collection Etsy or  FB
Assistant/props: Laurence de maere d’aertrijcke
Models: Hayley and Roxane


The forest collection is the start of a series of shoots based in the beautiful rain forest of Mt Warning which is on the outskirts of my home town in Murwillumbah.

Forest Warrior Twins:


There is always such a buzz of excitement in the air for a fantasy shoot. The creativity, the team, the look and theme etc, I love the transformations of a creative fantasy shoot and I love the process. I am extremely lucky to work alongside some of the most talented creative artist in the area and I’m also very lucky to call them friends.

Erin my good friend and go to hairstylist, said she knew two gorgeous nature loving twin sisters and thought they would be perfect for a shoot. I wanted to create a series set around the rain forest so we started putting ideas together. Once an idea forms I like to always start with an inspiration board, this not only helps with the vision of the shoot but give the team a basic idea of what we are going for. I use many elements from hair and make-up images to help inspire the look or a particular costume or colour, even a location or a style of nail polish etc but it all comes together in the end to create something magical.

Here is where I get to rave about my awesome team. The beauty team; Erin on hair and Amanda on make-up. I have worked along side these 2 girls for many years and they are amazing at what they do. The way I work is; have idea tell Erin and Amanda and then they bring their talent and creativity to the forefront and bam…the perfect look. These amazing women always impress and blow me away. Love them and their talent.

Laurence my assistant/friend/pseudo daughter. This chicky is awesome and one of the best assistants I have ever had. This girl knows how to rock a reflector and is more then happy to climb, get in the water, fetch, carry ect. Oh and she also makes awesome props for me too like the warrior staffs in the shoot; she did such a great job on these, they were the perfect accessory for the look. Lachlan…I have not worked with him before but I cant wait to work with him again. This man is talent behind the camera. I LOVE the video he put together it sums up this incredible day perfectly.

Once everyone has arrived and the team has set up the first thing I try to get is a before shot of the models. I love this as it showcases the sometimes extreme change into the character. By this time I’m on my 3rd coffee, everyone is chatting, snacking and I’ve started taking a few behind the scenes shots, Erin and Amanda are doing their thing and Lachlan has started filming. He has set up his go pro pointed at Amanda doing make-up and it looks amazing to watch. From hair and makeup to getting into costume was about 2 and a half hours. I want to take a moment to tell you about these amazing costumes….

Wow…just WOW!!! when I was trying to look for the perfect outfits for the shoot I searched for quite a long time. I tried a few local places but I was unsuccessful at securing any so I headed to etsy to see what I could find. Enter Raellene aka Allure Collection: I saw a pair of arm cuffs that I thought would be perfect for my warriors so I thought I would take a chance and messaged her. When I saw her other work on Facebook and I felt it would be ideal for my shoot.. So I mentioned to Raellene that I was looking for some one to provide costumes for the warrior shoot and she said yes..yay… I was so darn excited.

We chatted for awhile about what I wanted and she brought some awesome ideas to the table and started to create 2 outfits specifically designed for the forest warrior shoot. Just to give you a time reference this was in April 2016. Creating and organising such a shoot takes time, energy and effort and its so worth it. So over the next few months she worked on the outfits. As they were a short skirt and top combination we all felt it was best to wait till summer to actually book in a date for the shoot. I would just like to mention that trying to organise a date that a whole team is available is not an easy task..we managed to book in the 11-12-16 and here we are….back to the shoot day 🙂

I took a couple of shots in the studio before we head out to the location, unfortunately Erin had to love and leave us at that point but the rest of the team climbed into a cars and we headed off to Mt Warning. From here on out we trekked about in the rainforest, took photos and video’d, got eaten by mozzies and had a blast playing among the undergrowth and huge trees of this wondrous location.

Please don’t forget to watch Lachlan’s amazing video, share this blog and comment below.




Roxane: Model: I had the most amazing day with Katrina! I felt so comfortable and supported to feel confident to allow my true essence to shine through. I was guided and directed wherever needed and at Katrina’s awesome intuition. She is a truly inspiring artist with beautiful vision and consideration of her client. The photos are so special to me, the whole experience connected me in touch with my inner child I just had so much fun! Thank you Katrina! Instagram – @rocksea_

Hayley: Model: Thank you Katrina Cram Photography! For making us feel so comfortable and bringing so much fun to the shoot! Everyone put so much hard work in to the whole day, the skill of the hair and make up was incredible! What a transformation… the costumes were so beautifully detailed. the photographer and film talent… so rewarding to be on the other side of their lenses! Thank you for all the laughter and warmth!  Instagram – @hayleyagius

Forest warrior twins - getting-ready-1

Laurence: Assistant: I have assisted Katrina on many shoots and this is by far a top favourite for me. Katrina also asked me to make the two warrior staff for the models made from sticks from around my home. I wanted them to look real as possible; so my choice was to used brown shoe wax to give them their unique look, as well as adorning them with strips of leather and feathers. I am really happy with how they came up and they look great in the images.

Was such a great day. The makeup artist, hairstylist, videographer and models arrived and the the creation began. We ate, laughed and bonded over coffee. We headed to the rain forest and as it was dark I was on hand with the reflector to ensure the models had light in all the right places. Katrina is a fantastic friend and her imagination is what makes these shoots memorable. Can’t wait for the next fantasy shoot!

Forest warrior twins - getting-ready-2

Erin: Hair Stylist: After meeting Hayley and Roxy our set of twins and with their love for for nature I discussed with Katrina about having a twins shoot on location with them and we decided to make it big. Once we started brainstorming feathers, leather, rainforest and bare feet the ideas started flooding in for hair. Small details like braiding with leather and feathers through it and contrast of sleek but messy off the face to complement the bold makeup and the detail in the outfits made sure it all came together perfectly. Such a fun shoot with a team that seemed like they were fitted from the very start the photos and video showcase perfectly how much fun we had all playing together in the studio to get such a mind blowing result for the end product – these images and the videography make me feel so proud to have been a part of this.

Forest warrior twins -getting-ready-3

Amanda: Makeup Artist: I had such and amazing day working with everyone for this shoot. Katrina is so talented at what she does. Although I had an idea of what I wanted to do with the makeup, Katrina helped guide me a bit to make it that much more amazing. We wanted a true fierce warrior look which I think we achieved, especially with how everything else came together with hair, the twins and the shoot itself!

Forest warrior twins -getting-ready-4
Forest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twinsForest warrior twins
Allure Collection: Costumes: What a pleasure it was to be able to work with Katrina Cram. When Katrina had contacted me through Etsy to make some Leather Cuffs for a photoshoot, I never expected that I was going to be making the entire Warrior Women costumes. All I could think was WOW!!! My heart was racing my thoughts of creations were running wild. I was so excited to work on this that the very next day I had a mock up ready for Katrina to see. It was awesome to know that what she envisaged I had created.
After seeing the final work, I was truly amazed to see my leather creations come to life. The models fulfilled the role beautifully. The landscape was breathtaking. Katrina had pulled together a remarkable team. Katrina had collaborated such a wonderful piece of work. Such craft was use in all details to complete this piece. To be a part of this, I could realise how much work goes on behind the scene that doesn’t get acknowledged enough. Congratulations a job well done!

Forest warrior twins

Lachlan: Videographer: The journey of a photoshoot is a fascinating transformation. From the careful assembly of the look, the fiery capture of those precious moments, right through to the polish of each individual image. Each element is a skillful work unto itself. Being able to film that journey is always an exciting undertaking. Particularly when working with such a great team like that which Katrina had assembled. From the ‘burbs of Murwillumbah to the roots of Mt Warning, capturing each practitioner honing their craft, striving for the perfect shot, was a thrilling task. In a way, the ferocity and wild nature of the ‘fantasy warrior’ theme is an abstract realisation of the creative process. Poised and then frenetic. Composed and then exuberant. A wonderful morning with wonderful people resulting in some distinct and special images.

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    James Horne says:

    Excellent work ! Wow You may know about the Anything Can Be Project by Jonathan Diaz style of photography which is heavy on the photo shop special affects . Love your work .

    Dallas County Texas


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