Katrina Cram Photography….who am I?

Katrina Cram Photography….who am I?

I’m a mother to 3 beautiful teenage children, Tamika 17, Reece 15 and Kahleah 13. Wife to my wonderful husband Anthony, married for 15 years this October and we live in my home town of Murwillumbah. I have had a passion for photography particularly portraits, since 1997 after the birth of my first child. It wasn’t till a few years after that I really started to develop that craft further.

So…for me, writing that down makes me feel old but I’m only 38. One of the interesting things about me is that I look quite young and everybody I meet is surprised and some actually don’t believe me that I’m not in my mid to late 20’s. The oldest anyone has ever guessed my age to be is 33. I attribute my great skin and youthful looks to my dad. He is also very young in appearance and at 61 he looks like he is in his late 40’s.

me-2Here are some random things about me: I am a FIFO wife, my friends are my family, I’m an everything happens for a reason person, my star sign is Taurus, I bite my nails, I hate cleaning, I spend way too much time at my computer, I’m a big believer that presentation is everything, My clients are extremely important to me, I LOVE MY JOB, I couldn’t get through life without my babies (they will always be my babies no matter how old they are), my favourite colour is teal, I love peacocks and peacock feathers, I don’t like cake, even though my desk is messy I know where everything is, I’m grateful for everything I have been through good and bad, I use to be a bellydancer and I also taught bellydancing, I teach and provide private photography classes, I have written a book with my step mum, I’m extremely happy.

This new website is now 2 months old and I have added not 1 but 2 blogs to my site…WHY?

I have 2 main topics that I photograph, weddings and portraits so I decided that it would help you, my website visitors by having a choice which blog you would like to look at depending on what photography you are looking for.

I have kept my website galleries to showcase my personal favourite images from my current photo sessions and my blog is specifically to display full photo sessions and weddings. This gives you a good idea of what my style is like and you also get to meet my wonderful clients with the story of their wedding or photo session.

I’m currently building/renovating my studio and office and we are up to laying the floor and hopefully moving in to the office in the next 2 weeks. I have come a long way and learned a lot since I started my journey into photography about creativeness, life, people and business and I’m proud to share with you my next step – a permanent studio. I also at some point in the near future plan create a blog post with a more in depth story about my journey and the studio/office construction. It is a dream come true.

Katrina Cram Photography studio build

1: The Cyclorama photography backdrop being built. 2: The props cupboard build. 3: Office rebuild started. 4: Office door going in.

My aim with my website and blogs are for you to get a good sense of my style, how I work and who I am. I want to show you my passion and hopefully to create some beautiful imagery with my amazing clients.


Cheers Katrina xx


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