The Creation of a Fantasy

The Creation of a Fantasy

I have been creating fantasy portraits for clients since 2001. I remember how it all started: I awoke one night and could not get back to sleep so…I started thinking. Thinking about my new venture into photography and thought I needed to do something different – Dress ups for grown ups! Why not? Children get to dress up all the time and play pretend so why cant we!…The idea was planted but did not become another reality for a couple of years.

My first fantasy looks ever were inspired by the artist John William Waterhouse and they were – Circe the Greek goddess/sorceress and Ophelia from William Shakespeare’s  play Hamlet.

I now have an amazing team of extremely talented women who help me transform individuals into fantasy characters. Since my first photo shoot we have transformed people into an array of characters such as: Fairy’s and mermaids, Gothic beauties and vampires + many many more.

My entire team LOVE creating fantasy characters.

The process! it is an early start…a very EARLY start (depending on your chosen look) you start your experience in the hands of our talented Make up artist and Hair stylist while I run around and make coffee and tea’s for everyone and start photographing the amazing process. Hair and Make up is an art in itself and can take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours of amazing creation.

Then its time to get dressed.

Depending on the package chosen. your costume has been tailored for your chosen creative look.  I have machine sewn, hand stitched, pinned and gathered and enlisted some help from talented friends to make the perfect costume for you or supplied by you.

The big reveal.

Once all is done and we are ready to head off,  we close your eyes and stand you in front of a mirror. This is my favorite moment …..We don’t let you see yourself till your creative look is complete with hair make up and costume. I love the reaction of people. I have had ‘Oh my god! I look like a vampire’   ‘Wow!’  I’ve even had tears of joy. Each creative look we do is unique no two looks are the same.

On location.

My turn! creating imagery, immortalising you on film so they say. I help direct you so I can capture the essence of your character while making sure your personality shines through. The shoot will go for about 2-4 hours depending on the look and locations and how many looks we are doing. The most creative looks I have done in one day was 7 – that was an all-dayer from sun up to sun down. My job does not end there. Editing magic! and the end product is amazing with a unique portfolio for you to keep for ever.

I get asked by many people why would someone want to do all this? My answer is always ‘Why Not?’ everyone needs to spoil themselves and do something different. We all need to relax be pampered and have fun – why not a fantasy portrait shoot?

Fantasy portrait photography is for anyone and everyone. Women, men, teens, children, couples,  families and pregnancy fantasy.

The following photos were taken using my first SLR camera the Pentax k1000 on 200 speed kodak film, I have scanned the film negatives so I am able to share these with you and from these simple beginnings are the images that started it all…enjoy 🙂

Mermaid film photography Fairy film photography vintage fantasy film photographyOphelia and Cerci Film photography

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