Urban Boho & Bamboo

{Urban Boho & Bamboo}

Boho, Bamboo and an urban landscape – Who doesn’t love an impromptu photo session?

On a Sunday late last year, my wonderful makeup artist Amanda and I were all set for a studio session with a booked client when they had to postpone. So I said why don’t you comedown anyway and do a shoot? she agreed and we whipped up a a style with a combination of items she brought with her and from what I had in the props cupboard.

Amanda said: I thought this shoot was really fun and unexpected. I was able to do the makeup as well as be the model. I was extremely happy with how the pictures turned out. It’s always a great experience working with Katrina, she is a very talented photographer!


Katrina Cram Photography boho photography

Stunning model Amanda poeses in front of a huge clump of bamboo

Katrina Cram Photography boho photography

We first ventured out to an old heritage homestead just on the outskirts of my home town Murwillumbah. There was a great mass of clumping bamboo which has seen better days and I thought this was the perfect backdrop to start with, so away we went. PS: the homestead is called Lisnagar and I was married here way back in 99 🙂

We then headed into south Murwillumbah to a quaint street called ‘Prospero street’ to a once large two-story department store built in 1900 – The historic Holston Emporium. I managed to find with the help of my friend Christine an a few images of the building in the days of old. These images were found at http://trove.nla.gov.au/.


Photograph, Prospero Street, South Murwillumbah. Mrs WC Baker Boarding House – on lower side of building COBRA The Best Polish. – proprietors names indecipherable – one word on RH side is Billiards.


Awning sign Emporium - Ironmongery. circa 1900

Awning sign Emporium – Ironmongery. circa 1900


Currently there is a beautiful shop in this amazing building called Boho & Co.  If you are wanting to find some beautiful bohemian styled pieces then head on over to check out their amazing store.

Here are the images from my favorite street building in my home town.

Katrina Cram Photography boho photography

Katrina Cram Photography boho photography

Katrina Cram Photography boho photography

lastly we ducked down to the corner of prospero street to this fantastic broken wall, to add some contrasting colour to the day. Both Amanda and I had a great time on our impromptu urban boho photo session.

Katrina Cram Photography boho photography


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